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Welcome to blip blipi a hub where you can access the creative practice work of Susan Thomason. Susan Thomason is an interactive artist, originally starting her creative life as a Fashion Designer. Natural progression within this field, and a love of interactive sound art and music led Susan to undertake a Degree in Music Technology, where she obtained a First. She won a scholarship at the London College of Music to undertake a Masters Degree in Audio Technology where she focused on integrating Max/MSP and Jitter with embedded interactive technologies, and fashion technology. Her MA work was exhibited as a three day solo exhibition/installation in December 2009 at the Acquire Art Gallery in Central London. The Laundry Room Postcard.
Susan has worked as a designer and producer in design and recording studios, for both independent and corporate clients. Susan teaches interactive technologies through workshops, where she encourages participants to engage and explore through experimentation. She has recently undertaken a lecturing role at the London College of Music, teaching students the principles of audio and sound. She is currently undertaking a creative practice PhD in Interactive, Multi-Media at the London College of Music, where her specialist subjects are sound art, embedded interactive technologies and fashion technology. Her work addresses and challenges the female ideal and body image discrepancies through interactive practice and exploration.

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