I have embarked on a new project titled Zeetar and Her Fish Shoes which is a performance fusing poetry, storytelling and interactive performance with composition.

Zeetar and her Fish Shoes

Her feet were wet with droplets of water that sparkled like neon shards of sunlight.

As she stepped onto the shore her thoughts were transported into the darkness of the water.

She felt herself slipping back into the dark murky depths where dark voices enticed her deeper into the dark.

As she swam she was suddenly surrounded by a million iridescent fishes lighting the way through the treacherous water.

Her hair became entwined with the manes of seahorses that whispered and sang with the fishes.

Amongst the whispers, she heard her mother calling her name, telling her to breathe and saying she must return to the surface.

She noticed her shoes had fallen off and she felt a sudden pull back into the water to try to find them at the bottom of the sea.

Her mother said she had to leave them behind, reminding her that they were only shoes and although they had trodden many paths they had served their purpose.

What am I to do with no shoes she thought?

As she headed back to the city she decided it was time for a new pair of shoes, a pair with heels, a pair of grown-up shoes.

Later that day she discovered a  beautiful pair of shoes in a charity shop that reminded her of shoes her mother used to wear.

They seemed to change colour like a million fishes glittering beneath the surface of the sea.

She decided to call them fish shoes and as she walked down the street wearing her beautiful fish shoes she knew she sparkled like a million shards of sunlight.

A short story by Susan Thomason ©