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Very very busy

I am putting my blogs on hold as with finishing off my PhD, working and teaching my workshops at the weekends I am a bit pushed for time!

Participatory Exposition – Treacherous Torso

Treacherous Torso is my first exposition as part of my PhD research. It is going to be held on Saturday 26th July 2014 between 11am and 4pm.  The event is free and details of registering for the event can be found here on Eventbrite:

More details can also be found here on Tumblr

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the event.  All women between the ages of 18 to 75 are welcome.

Sites of Struggle Audio Player

Studio, studio and even more studio!!

At last my stuff is in and my ikea shelves have arrived which I have painted white. The electrician has been to do the sockets and so I am all ready to go.

Here are some pictures of my space …. finished!!

Studio and more studio!

Well, just an update on my lovely studio. I have built the wall, which was a major event and required much more time and effort than initially anticipated. It looks great, and I have put a side panel off one end so that I have a kind of door opening.

I have painted the walls and window frames, and I have painted the floor RED. It looks fabulous if I do say so myself, and has attracted many comments amongst my fellow studio residents.

Having a bit of a problem with the blind, as the fixtures broke and also the window is narrower at the top than at the bottom, but at an absolute squeeze it should just fit. So once the new brackets arrive I should hopefully get it up there.

I am covered in red brick dust from drilling holes, which has got everywhere and does not seem to wash off. So I have to retouch the paintwork around the window, otherwise my lovely white blind will get red smears all over it and that will really bug me!

I am moving my stuff from the temp space into my new space tomorrow, so onwards and upwards. I also need to get the electrician in to put three plug points around the room, as it only has one at the moment.

Here are some more pictures of my lovely space.

Studio move

As previously mentioned,  I have been residing in a temporary studio space, but have now been able to move into my permanent studio. Well when I say move, it really is that I have acquired the space after major roof works, and the space itself needs quite a bit of work.

The studio is an open area which I feel is not conducive to the kind of workspace I need, too  many distractions, and I do require a degree of privacy whilst working…..despite all the lovely people there. So, I am building a wall out of panels and painting the whole area.

Here are a few pictures of the space…. it is a bit a grim but has great light and once I have finished it will look great. The grey floor has to go!!

ISWC 2012

I attended the ISWC 2012 Doctoral Consortium yesterday where I met a diverse group of PhD researchers investigating a wide range of subjects within the wearable technology sector.  The research ranged from weaving fabrics with conductive yarns with embedded electronic components, to measuring errors in sensors embedded on garments.  My presentation “The Embodied Feminine and the Sensory Self”  discussed integrating body issue theories such as Social Comparison Theory, Self Schema Theory and Body Image Schemata into interactive installations went well. It can be seen here  I was the only PhD participant undertaking a full creative practice PhD and many of the other studies were predominately technical or scientific. I had anticipated at least several other similar creative practice PhD studies which led me to question why there were so few design led and examples of wearables in clothing. My interpretation of wearable, which is undeniably informed by my fashion design background is that technology is embedded within clothing  and that technology is worn on the body. I found myself asking the same question several times throughout the conference as many papers and presentations focused on the smart phone as a wearable. Whilst I appreciate the value of the extensive data which can be extracted and used in some way from smart phones, to me the phone is an accessory or gadget… as to date it is not worn on the body unless you use the bluetooth earpiece, which is rarely the case with users.

I had the opportunity to display a poster at the main event so that was good exposure for my work here it is:


The demo and design exhibition was interesting and I will be submitting my design work to the next ISWC 2013.

Here are some pictures of other designers at the design exhibition: Flutter by Halley P. Profita, Nicholas Farrow, Nikolaus Correll. Solar Family by Silvia Guttmann, Sara Lopez, Dziyana Zhyhar.  Context aware signal glove for bicycle and motorcycle riders by Tony Carton. Twinkle Tartiflette and Don’t Break My Heart by Rain Ashford.

So in conclusion, my experience of attending and participating in the conference highlighted that I would like to see more design presentations/papers which focus on integrating technology into wearables as clothing in a social and cultural context. In the panel presentation Lucy Dunne also highlighted clothing as a main area of development of wearable technology, and referred to body image schemata and social issues relating to fashion and clothing which my study directly relates to, so I am  pleased that the next ISWC 2013 now includes in the category Applications of Wearables, music with wearable technology in a social and artistic context.