The Embodied Feminine and the Sensory Self: Cross Disciplinary Practice Exploring the Feminine Ideal Through Sensors, Transposition, Metaphorical Tools, Embedded Technology, Composition and Performance.

This inquiry is a practice-led cross disciplinary exploration utilising sensors, embedded technology, wearables, and sound to produce multi-media installations, performances and compositions. The investigation will address social and theoretical discourse and debate on the feminine ideal, body image, identity and body modification. Drawing on Social Comparison Theory and Self Schema Theory, the relationship between media exposure of a feminine ideal, embodiment and body image self-discrepancy, will be extracted and transposed through artistic practice. Using the metaphorical language associated with clothes and gesture, new meaning, processes, methods and original artifacts will be created by implementing existing digital media and music technology, with emergent technology; in particular fashion technology. Through engaging and interacting with the works, observers participants, and practitioner(s) will gain a greater understanding of how the media, social and cultural issues can impact on the female body.



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