Treacherous Torso

Treacherous Torso is an interactive exposition consisting of a series of interactive sound canvases. In Treacherous Torso the female body is addressed as fragmented in the form of a torso whereby the hands, face, feet and head are not present in the digital representation of the naked body. The project draws from Body Dysmorphic Disorder whereby one area of the body becomes a focus of dejection, and specific sites are deemed as an area or “site of struggle.” Through my research, the specific sites of dejection are defined as: breasts, stomach/abdomen, thighs, back fat, and buttocks. The specific areas of dejection or “sites of struggle” is further reinforced by a survey I recently carried out by 60 women.


Laser cutting in action body torso

Laser cutting torso stage 1&2

Laser cutting in action stage 4

Laser cutting in action stage 5

Back fat treacherous torso copy

Back fat torso with perspex

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